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Mailjet Integration with TOPOL

Create a template in TOPOL and send it with Mailjet.

Seamless integration with Mailjet

Connecting TOPOL to Mailjet is easy, with just one new API key needed. Add your API key from Mailjet REST API management and create a new Secret key. The secret key is displayed only once, so make sure you copy it right away. Then, save your Secret key and API key in TOPOL and you are connected!

Now you can create your template and send it to Mailjet with one click!

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Advanced Features

Re-usable custom blocks

Save custom blocks from your templates, then drag-and-drop them later.

Personalize your emails

Use merge tags to personalize your emails with subscriber's first name and other dynamic info.

Promote your products

Drag & drop your online store products directly into your emails.

Custom HTML code

Enhance and customize your e-mails even more with your own HTML code.

150+ free email templates

Use our beautiful, responsive templates to create professional-looking emails in minutes. No coding skills required.

High quality images from Pexels

Search and use high quality, royalty-free images from Pexels photogallery. Directly from TOPOL File Manager.