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That dreamy text-to-image ratio

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Tereza Zemanova  |   September 20th, 2023

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It is crucial to maintain a good text-to-image ratio while sending your emails. How to strike the perfect balance?

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What is it ideal text-to-image ratio and why is it a big deal?

The good old rule 80:20 applies here as well – we are talking 80% of text and 20% of images. Or even 60:40. That is the safest way how to avoid falling into the spam folder.
Caution! Images are important, but use them wisely. Surely – images help us improve click rates, reputation and sales. On the other hand, they can also ruin it. (Especially avoid emails which are only images!)

What is the reasoning behind that?

  • Not every inbox is set to download images by default – For example, Outlook might ask the receiver to do it manually by clicking on “Download image”. This extra click will put many readers off.

  • Loading might be an issue if not optimized for mobile

  • Emails full of images are not search-friendly either – Email struggles to find words which are only part of the image!

  • Emails might be cut short if too heavy on images – If the email is too content heavy, it might as well be cut shorter, which won’t impress anyone in your contact list.

Use more text and make it beautiful.

Why should we incorporate emails which are heavy on text?

  • More room for some impressive copywriting and engaging with your audience

  • Text is more likely to land in primary inbox

  • Easily load-able (despite the speed of speed)


But (!) you don't want to send long essays without any pictures to your customers. Loads of text with promotional copywriting such as „BUY THIS NOW“ might end up in people’s spam folders as well.

Most importatly – it is boring. No photos, no GIFs = no fun.

Visuals and the overal email presentation play a huge part, they just have to be treated with caution.

Wrapping Up

So what advice to follow?

  •   Balanced ratio of text to image – you can test which ratio works the best for you.

  •  Sufficient amount of informative text to keep subscriber updated

  • Catchy images

  • Testing!

  • Deciptive alt text

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