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How does test email marketing utilize graphic content?

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Tereza Zemanova  |   September 18th, 2023

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With so much information and so many images flooding the internet, it becomes harder every day to get the attention of users, for even a moment of time. All marketers are faced with this challenge, and that means when they’re using email broadcasts to reach out to consumers, they need to create optimum visual designs that are both attention-getting and convey the right message to consumers.

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There’s no question about the usefulness of graphics in emails because even in emails, a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing grabs attention better than a well-placed, appropriate graphic. Did you know that digital marketers also use graphics to get the attention of the target audience? If you are a business owner, you might want to check our Digital Spotlight for their digital marketing services.

How to use the right graphics in emails

Obviously, there are tons of visual materials available for any subject you can think of, so you have an endless variety of graphics to choose from. However, choosing just the right graphics to convey your message to consumers is critical, and it may be the difference in having your email read completely, or ignored and discarded in the trash folder. Here are some points you should be considering when choosing the right graphics for your emails:


Given the fact that modern marketing is totally focused around personalization, the images you select should also be personalized to your target audience. This means you might have to walk a mile in your customers’ shoes, to try to understand their wants and needs, and how to make your appeals more personal and more meaningful.


High-quality images, videos, and GIF’s are more available now than they have ever been, so there’s no excuse for using poor-quality images in your emails. Even an untrained photographer like yourself should be capable of producing images that can be used in emails to good effect.


Images, videos, and GIF’s of people are generally the ones that stick longest in the minds of consumers. In that same vein, images that feature close-ups and involve surroundings where people are seen interacting with others or with man-made objects also resonate well. Make sure that you have the right image association, meaning that the pictures you choose must link closely with the subject of your campaign. These are the things that spark motivations in consumers, and which produce the most favorable results.


Filters can take on an important role when used in conjunction with social media. Modern filters come into play by improving color, shading, and resolution. Digital images may depict entirely different content, but they can still be tied together because you’re creating the same consistent atmosphere between images.


Obviously, color is one of the major components in the selection of any images you might want to use. Since it takes a consumer’s eyes several moments to actually recognize details in an image, the first impression made is actually that of the color associated with the image. It’s fairly well known that, in terms of advertising, cooler colors are used when a calmer effect is desired, and warmer colors are used to indicate high-energy situations. There are also colors that appeal more to men and some which particularly appeal to women, so the colors you choose should also be personalized to your target audience.

Where to source your images

There are quite a few places where you can find just the right images to use in your email content. The 2M limitation for using graphics in emails can still be observed without sacrificing quality in whatever graphics you choose to include. Here are some of the best ways to find appropriate graphics that will get your message across:

Buy the images

The quickest option is to simply buy stock footage, which are images created by someone else and provided for users like yourself to purchase. Sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what you need, but most stock photo websites include a search function that will help you narrow it down.

Have someone take the pictures for you

You can hire an agency or professional photographer to take exactly the kind of images you’re looking for. After you explain to them what you’re trying to achieve, they should be able to translate that into a high-quality image you can use in your emails.

Do it yourself

If you’re up to a small challenge, buy yourself a high-quality camera, and start taking photographs all on your own. You’ll get better and better, and hopefully you’ll have professional quality photographs you can use in your images.


These are extremely popular for conveying a lot of information at a glance, and they can be very effective at making a sales pitch or getting your message across.


You should always include a company logo in the upper part of your emails, simply to increase brand recognition for your company, and to let the recipient know the email is from you.

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