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5 Ways To Write Better B2B Emails In 2023

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Tereza Zemanova  |   September 4th, 2023

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Writing B2B emails that actually help you get more sales can be challenging, especially if you are used to writing emails a certain way. Many marketers like to use different psychological principles to find new ways to encourage customers to purchase. Yet, nailing down the basics of email writing is still essential. Hence, here are five ways to write better B2B emails in 2023.

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#1 Focus on Trust, Not Sales

One of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make when writing your emails is focusing on sales instead of trust. Of course, you want to increase sales, so you have listed that as your goal for your email marketing strategy. But if you focus solely on sales, your results will be much worse than if you focus on trust.

Building trust is what leads to sales. Moreover, trust is what leads to loyalty in the long run and helps you retain customers instead of having to look for new ones every time. It’s a known fact that acquiring a new customer on average costs five times more than retaining an existing one, so it’s definitely much better to focus on trust and loyalty.

In practice, this means you will be using social proof and research to back up your claims. You will also need to find the types of content that potential customers will be most interested in that you could include in your emails. You will also need to word your emails in a way that will be less promotional and more informational or educational.

If you don’t have enough experience writing such emails, you can hire a professional writer from the writing services reviews site Trust My Paper. They can help you understand how to build trust in your audience and transform that trust into sales and long-term loyalty.

#2 Prioritize the Reader

This next point is directly related to the previous one. When you focus on sales, you prioritize your own goals in email marketing. However, when you focus on building trust, you are essentially focusing on the reader. By prioritizing your audience, you can create emails that they will like and enjoy.

What you need to do is get into the shoes of your potential and current customers. What are they thinking and feeling? What are they worried about? What gets them excited? What are the problems they need to solve? Ask yourself all these questions and create emails that will directly address all of these points.

#3 Remember Your Values

While prioritizing your audience is definitely important, that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about your own brand. In fact, it is crucial for you to remember your values. Because you are writing B2B emails, you are not only selling your products or services, but also your image.

Your brand values, vision, and mission should still be at the forefront of everything you do. If you don’t know how to bring those things out and show them to your readers, you can hire an experienced writer from the custom writing reviews site Best Essays Education. By working with an expert writer like this, you can find creative ways to showcase what your brand identity is about how you can be interesting and useful to potential customers.

#4 Be Clear and Concise

Clarity is one of the key characteristics every email you create should have. Not only do you have to be clear in what you are talking about, but you should also aim to be as concise as possible. Remember that your readers don’t have a lot of time, so it is your responsibility to respect that and to give them emails that won’t require much of their time and attention.

In most cases, better clarity and conciseness are achieved through proofreading and editing. In other words, you need to polish your emails after writing them. You can even hire a professional editor from a writing service if you think you need help with this.

#5 Make Every Detail Count

Last but not least, you need to make every detail in your email count. You might only have one chance to get the reader interested, so you need to use it wisely. Here are some things to remember about:

Subject and From Line – Persuade the recipient to open your email by perfecting your subject and from line.

Header and Footer – Use these parts of your email to add valuable information. For example, add contact details in the footer.

Design Elements – Write a great email with the design in mind that is also in line with your visual branding.


All in all, writing effective B2B emails is not as difficult as it may seem at first, but you need to know the foundational aspects of a good email first. Use these five techniques to help you become better at email writing and increase B2B sales.

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