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Are you a freelance designer or email marketing specialist? Are you looking for an HTML template editor to create beautiful emails or an editor as such to integrate into your app?
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Best fit for teamwork. Create templates, save your blocks for future reuse, edit, organize your templates into folders, share the WYSIWYG email builder with two other teammates. Get unlimited access to premade templates for custom adjustments and enjoy using an extensive library of free images.

TOPOL Plugin

Save development time and costs! Integrate TOPOL editor in your own app, CRM, e‑shop, or any other marketing platform, in which you can create email template directly or edit before sending them out. Integration is well documented and hassle‑free.

Advanced features

Re‑usable custom blocks

Create and save custom design blocks from your templates, then drag & drop them later.

Re-usable custom blocks in your templates

Connect to the tools you love

Seamlessly export your emails to your favorite email clients, ESPs, and marketing platforms or download the email template in HTML5 or JSON.

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e‑mail clients

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    HTML 5

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